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1. How long does it take for my order to be delivered once it is picked up from location?
  • We ask that our customers gives us a 2 hour window, but typically we have orders delivered within 1 hour.
2. How will I track my package?
  • Customers will be able to track their order through the My Pyck Up App.
3. Are my item(s) insured while in transit with My Pyck Up?
  • Yes, all items will be insured for up to $50,000 while in transit.
4. Can I schedule a pick up for a later delivery?
  • Yes, you can request pick up for later day and time.
5. What is the weight limit for deliveries?
  • 50 lbs is the weight limit for deliveries. However, if you call to speak with Customer Service certain items could be arranged for pick up.
6. Can I ride with the driver while my item(s) are being transported?
  • Unfortunately, My Pyck Up has a “No Rider Policy”.
7. Does My Pyck Up have a 24 hour customers service line?
  • Yes, My Pyck Up can be reached 24/7 @ 1-866-777-1791.
8. How can I dispute a bill?
  • You can call 1-866-777-1791 opt. 2, and dispute bill with Accounting.
9. Can I call an off-duty driver without making my request with My Pyck Up and my item(s) still be insured with MyPyck Up?
  • My Pyck Up only insure items when customer(s) has requested a delivery through the My Pyck Up App.
10. What if I requested a delivery, then cancel?
  • If a delivery is requested, processed, then canceled; Customer will be charged an cancellation fee.
11. How often are promo codes generated?
  • Promo Codes are generated quite frequently, and sent to subscribers email address.
12. What happens if my delivery take longer than normal timeframe?
  • If delivery takes longer than the 2 hour window, My Pyck would adjust the charge.
13. How can I sign up to become a driver for My Pyck Up?
  • To become a driver for My Pyck Up, download the Driver App, then follow the submission instructions.
14. What’s the requirements to become a driver for My Pyck Up?
  • To become a driver for My Pyck Up, you must be 18 or older, Valid Driver’s License, Be legal to work in the USA, Proof of Insurance,up-to-date registration, and be able to pass a background test.
15. How often are drivers paid?
  • Driver’s are paid weekly, on Friday’s.
16. What methods of payment are there for drivers?
  • My Pyck Up suggest that all drivers to obtain a PayPal Account. This is the fastest method to get your payments out to you.
17. What all payment methods does My Pyck Up accept?
  • My Pyck Up accept all major credit cards. My Pyck Up does not accept cash.
18. How, or where can I leave a review about My Pyck Up?
  • You can leave reviews about My Pyck Up on our BBB Accredited Review page, Google Reviews, Yelp, and many more.