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Driver Disclaimer

First of all, Welcome to My Pyck Up. We are excited that you’ve decided to come aboard to render your services to help My Pyck Up fulfill a job for our customer’s. Below are the guidelines that My Pyck Up has in place for all of our Drivers to make sure everyday operation are a success. Payments are based on an every delivery pay scale. Please direct your attention to the section titled “Payment” for more information.

On Duty:

My Pyck Up allows you as a driver the option as to when you choose to be On Duty and Off Duty. Once you’re On Duty, you will be sent delivery request from customer(s) in your working area. My Pyck Up is a no forced load/delivery Company, meaning you as a driver will have the option to decline or ignore a delivery request. Please keep in mind that you will only be paid for the deliveries you accept and complete.

Off Duty:

As mentioned above; My Pyck Up allows you as a driver the option as to when you choose to be On Duty and Off Duty. When you’re Off Duty, you will not receive any request for deliveries until you switch back to On Duty. If for any reason you’re Off Duty, and a customer recognizes you, and request that you do a delivery for them, My Pyck Up will not pay you for the job. You as an Off Duty driver cannot exploit yourself as a My Pyck Up driver. Please keep in mind that you will only be paid for the deliveries you accept and complete.

Your Vehicle:

My Pyck Up is not responsible for your vehicle. You as a driver and owner of the vehicle are required to maintain your own maintenance. You as a driver and owner of the vehicle will be responsible for your own fuel. You as a driver and owner of the vehicle will be responsible for tracking your own Off Duty miles. My Pyck Up will track and calculate all of your On Duty miles for you. My Pyck Up has several Corporate Accounts with many Auto Repair Shops, where discounts are passed down to our Contracted Drivers for Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs. Call our Toll Free Number and ask Driver Service for more information.

Driver License “DL”:

My Pyck Up complies with D.O.T. Regulations

All drivers are required to maintain a valid DL. My Pyck Up will send out a notification 6 months prior to any driver whom DL will be expiring in the near future. Once he or she has renewed their DL, he or she would be required to submit the new DL to update their file. In the event a driver does not renew their DL or forget to submit the new DL, he or she will not be allowed to drive for My Pyck Up; in fact My Pyck Up would restrict all access to the driver’s portal. Once DL has been updated on driver profile, he or she would be granted all access back to their profile.

Vehicle Insurance:

My Pyck Up complies with D.O.T. Regulations

My Pyck Up require all driver to maintain a current valid General Liability Insurance Policy on every vehicle he or she register with My Pyck Up. Without a current policy, no driver will be able to run deliveries with My Pyck Up. Any driver that has a month to month Insurance Policy would be required to send new policy in every month or declare My Pyck Up as an additional Policy Holder giving the Insurance Company permission to forward My Pyck Up a copy of Proof of Insurance every month. Drivers that have a 6 month Insurance Policy will be sent a notification on the 5th month notifying them of policy renewal. Any driver that fails to submit current or valid documents will not be granted to access his or her driver portal to receive delivery requests, until status is brought back to current and active.


My Pyck Up take theft very serious. We will not be lenient or understandable to the situation whatsoever. My Pyck Up will file the highest charge allowed for any item that is stolen while in the driver’s possession during a transport. My Pyck Up will also seek the highest conviction to any driver that is caught stealing. My Pyck Up will not tolerate any driver stealing from the company and most important, our customers. Drivers are never allowed to open any package of the customer.

Quality of Service:

Drivers will be scaled on his or her ratings from the customer(s) he or she make a delivery for. Your ratings will determine the activity you get once a request has been made via the App. My Pyck Up allows the customers to see ratings before selecting a driver. Customer’s rate drivers based on promptness, politeness, helpfulness, and cleanliness. My Pyck Up understand that some customer’s will complain about the smallest things, so that is why we monitor the complaints, and contact the customers ourselves to find out what the issue was. If the complaint was because he or she didn’t like the driver car, we would adjust your ratings for you. However, if the complaint was because you arrived 20 minutes late without reason or notification to My Pyck Up or the customer, rating will remain on your profile.


My Pyck Up will issue payments on a weekly basis to your Checking Account on Friday. However, if you setup a PayPal Account and request a Debit Card, My Pyck Up could issue payments more than often as payments are requested. If you need help with setting up a PayPal Account, please contact Driver Service at 1-866-777-1791 option 4, and ask a My Pyck Up Representative to walk you through the process, but first be in front of a computer before calling in to setup your PayPal Account. Monies/Funds are accumulated based on the completed deliveries you do. The more active you are “on Duty” the more requests you will receive. *(payroll starts on Wednesday and ends on Tuesday)

Independent Contractor “IC”:

You are being contracted to work with My Pyck Up to carry out day to day deliveries. My Pyck Up will not be taking taxes out of your payments. You will be paid the exact amount that would be displayed on your Dashboard. You as a driver will be responsible for keeping up with all of your expense reports for tax purposes. My Pyck Up will mail drivers a 1099 Form at the end of the year for you to file your taxes. My Pyck Up would pay its share of the tax payment, but not the drivers share. You as an IC will not be insured by My Pyck Up, meaning you will have to find your own Health Insurance. You as the driver would not be under My Pyck Up Workmans Comp. Policy.

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