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Customer Disclaimer


My Pyck Up carries an Insurance Policy of $50,000 to cover our customer’s items while they are being transported in our possession. These coverage’s are in case the item(s) are damaged or stolen while in our possession. Therefore, all customers are required to sign for their item(s) once the driver makes his/her delivery. Once customer has signed for the item, My Pyck Up will time stamp the signature into a file, and email the customer a copy for their record(s), this will then exclude My Pyck Up from any complaints or discrepancies after that time.

No Rider Policy:

My Pyck Up has a “NO CUSTOMER RIDE” policy in place, meaning we do not transport any customer in vehicles, only merchandise. This policy is to protect us from any liability in case of accidents that results in injury or death. This policy is also for our drivers’ safety, due to the fact that some drivers may have more than one order in a vehicle during a delivery.

Purchased Merchandise:

All customer’s are responsible for the purchases of their own order(s). My Pyck Up will not be responsible for any fees owed for item(s) that have been requested for pick up. My Pyck Up will not pay any fees owed. However, in the event this does happen, My Pyck Up will charge customer(s) a service fee for time, and cancellation fee to cancel the request.


Customer(s) are required to be at the place where item(s) are being delivered to at the time of delivery. My Pyck Up will not wait no longer than 5 minutes without a time fee being applied to delivery charges after the first 5 minutes. Customer(s) staying on any floor higher than the first floor of a property that does not have an elevator or other motorized ways to move throughout the levels of the floors will be responsible for items weighing over 30 lbs being delivered to the door, meaning the customer(s) will have to come meet driver at the first floor of the drop-off location to sign for your order to confirm delivery and receive item(s).

My Pyck Up does not transport narcotics, hazardous materials, or explosives of any sort. If ever, our drivers are stopped by any law enforcement agency while in transit to a drop-off location with a customer(s) package, and the package is of any of the items mentioned above, My Pyck Up will render all information to law enforcement about customer, including name, phone number, pick-up address, as well as the drop off address. My Pyck Up will take further actions, which may include: blacklisting customer indefinitely from requesting a delivery again and possible charges to the customer for time and resources spent dealing with the issue.

*My Pyck Up will deliver Car Batteries and propane to our customers


My Pyck Up will not be responsible for the quality nor the quantity for any perishable and non perishable items that may be requested for delivery. My Pyck Up is only agreeing to deliver the item(s) from pickup location and bring them to drop off location. Customers will have to address any issues pertaining to the items with the store of which items were purchased.


My Pyck Up takes pride in being professional at all times. My Pyck Up is an Accredited BBB certified company that does not ignore the voice of the customer’s. We can be reached 24/7 via our Toll Free number, email and/or Facebook, for our customers to let us know about their experience. We guarantee a response within 24 hours of the initial contact. My Pyck Up knows that our customers are the reason for our success, and we want our customers to know that we are here for them. “”

Rating Your Driver:

We recommend that every customer rate their delivery driver. This method allows us to screen drivers based on their performance with the customers. Rating your driver can also help out another customer with making their decision with choosing which driver will be best for them. Drivers are rated on a scale of 1-5 stars. 1 being a bad delivery driver which was probably late, wasn’t polite, showed up looking unprofessional, or etc.., as to 5 being a great driver which was prompt with time, very manner-able, very helpful with customer(s) item(s), handles himself/herself in a very professional way. My Pyck Up monitor all driver ratings and comments, and work to keep our drivers trained to aim high.

Tipping Your Driver:

My Pyck Up does not accept tips for our drivers. If a customer chooses to grant a driver with a tip, it would have to be paid directly to him/her. Tips are not mandatory, and drivers are not allowed to ask the customer for a tip, but drivers are welcome to receive them if the customer feels that he or she deserves it for their service.

Keying in package information:

This is a critical step within your delivery process. We ask that every customer key in the actual weight of their item(s) matching exactly as it appears on the box or packaging. Our drivers will also verify that the weight that was input by customer also correspond with weight that’s on the item. Customer(s) are to input the exact quantity of item(s) that are being picked up, and delivered. If the information is of anything different than what customer(s) input, My Pyck Up would make the necessary updates to charges. My Pyck Up would then email customer(s) immediately to confirm whether or not the customer would like to proceed with delivery. However, if customer decides to decline delivery, My Pyck Up will proceed with charging a cancellation fee.

Processing Payment:

My Pyck Up would charge customer(s) Credit Card immediately when delivery request is sent out, based on information customer input. Ex” Point A-B of item(s) to be delivered. Customer’s bill or Bank Statement will read “Payment made to My Pyck Up”. If a refund is owed to customer, it would be processed and returned immediately. However, actual availability of the returned funds would be based on merchant and customer(s) bank. This process could take up to 7-10 business days.

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